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Company Introduction

Century-old prestigious school “Fudan University” and “Shanghai Medical University” merges, built new multidisciplinary comprehensive research university-Fudan University. Fudan health is Fudan University medicine collegeformer Shanghai Medicine Universitykey industrialization base, depending on Fudan University scientific research and technique, making every effort to build “Fudan Health” global well-known brand in professional medicine and precise nutrition health area.

Fudan Health Company is a Shanghai leading hi-tech enterprise with professional maternity and infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, health education, nutrition evaluation, 360 international maternity and child healthcare center and biomedical hi-tech park. Fudan health company is Fudan University medicine collegeformer Shanghai Medicine Universitykey industrialization base, making every effort to build “Fudan Health” well-known brand in nutrition health area. Company’s headquarter and sales and marketing management center is located in s Fudan University medicine collegeformer Shanghai Medicine University,be specifically, western campus, Dong’an road No.100.

  • Fudan health scientific research background

    Through 20 years’ professional medical nutrition market promotion, Fudan Health company successfully accumulate experiences. Meanwhile depending on Fudan university medical college (former Shanghai medical university)strong scientific research capacity, cooperate closely with Shanghai Medical University Clinical nutrition center and American Mednut Medical Nutrition Center, developed to Mednut brand specially target on complete or part restriction of eating, digestibility and absorption difficulties or metabolic disorder population professional clinical nutrition agents, which not only solving clinical patients basic nutrition needs but also providing professional and comprehensive nutrition guarantee for early recovery.

  • Shanghai hi-tech enterprise

    National ”hi-tech enterprise” is titled by national technology department, financial department and national general department of taxatio. It is an great honor of scientific type enterprise for new scientific technology knowledge,creatively use new scientific technology or really promoting technology,product(service)and then continuing to research development activities.Fudan health company always stick to original intention and use lately scientific technology knowledge, continue to research and produce in related areas.Since 2006, Fudan health company consecutively gain “Shanghai hi-tech enterprise” title.

  • China invention patents

    Fudan health company is Fudan university Shanghai medical college(former Shanghai medical university)colleges and universities key industrial base,depending on Fudan University strong scientific research capacity,always develops on comprehensive clinical nutrition,pediatric clinical nutrition,obstetrics and gynecology clinical nutrition,different disease clinical nutrition,module function clinical nutrition,creative function clinical nutrition, maternity and infant nutrition and precise nutrition area forge ahead, have been made great achievements in special population,currently have owned national authorized 5 invention patents and are applying for dozens of invention patents.

  • National GMP quality standard

    Fudan health company adhering to high standard research system and strict quality management conception, strictly controlling, carefully screening raw materials, adapt to creative craft, providing comprehensive and rational formula, precise each step of craft, for making sure product completely reach even surpass GMP requirements. Air cleanliness reach 100 thousand degrees, all materials must reach 100% quality inspection rate, strictly control raw materials and product quality. Based on creative research ability, which makes industry developments, currently company owned national maternity and infant medical area high standard scientific research development system, and had applied to international authority management system certifications: ISO9001 & ISO20000, advocating sustainable development and environmental protection, making efforts for more products passing international standard certification, taking care for different group health.

  • National official approval

    Fudan Health company own several national official approvals in healthcare food area, indicating us the basic rule to run and manage a company is “research and develop exactly as national standard”, which also company produce nutritional top products scientific level guarantee, the basis make customers reliable.

  • Full aspects interaction and care

    Fudan health company owned current high level scientific research and development system, quality assurance system, expert network, health promotion system, knowledge sales system, seven-star service system and customer care system, especially related customer care area, create unique “ten care”system,content covers health education gift,expert service,top product care,gift care,professional supplies,nutrition care,cash membership point,health salon,health follow-up, health promotion, etc. It provides global front edge and full aspect interaction care experiences for customers from all over the world.

  • Professional medicine worth trust

    Fudan Health company is Fudan University Shanghai Medical college(former Shanghai Medical University)is colleges and universities key industrial base,depending on Fudan University strong scientific research capacity,built strong product-research-study alliance with Fudan University Shanghai Medical College(former Shanghai Medical University),transfer Fudan University excellent scientific research academic result to industry,Fudan Health company cooperated closely with six nationally famous Fudan university affiliated hospitals,also owned Fudan University Shanghai Medical College(former Shanghai Medical University)academic authorities and expert professors,depending on American Mednut Medical Nutrition Center,Shanghai Medical Clinical Nutrition Research Center, professional medicine nutrition research base currently gradually form majorly clinical nutrition agents, functional foods, health care food and infant formula foods, biomedicine and so on.

  • Precise research facing precise population

    Fudan Health company depends on Fudan University Shanghai Medical College(former Shanghai Medical University) strong scientific research capacity and expert platform, associate with Americam Mednut Medical Nutrition Center, Shanghai Medical Clinical Nutrition Center and so on six fully reinforced professional scientific research agencies, focus on special group’s nutrition and health, currently owned covering comprehensive clinical nutrition, pediatrics clinical nutrition,obstetrics and gynecology clinical nutrition,different disease clinical nutrition,module function clinical nutrition,creative function clinical nutrition,the pregnant,after childbirth,infant,children,the middle aged,the working person,beauty-conscious women, the sports nutrition top products research and produce.

  • Twenty years’ customer public praise

    Fudan Health company, since 1997 founded until now,keeping on product updating, different series of products achieve national healthcare product legal approval(commonly called blue hat)organize professional maternity and infant medicine nutrition top product series,keeping industry leading position in national maternity and infant healthcare area. For “bestmind” on behalf of professional maternity and infant nutrition series, many customers rely on its unique function, depending on good brand cognition and remarkable enhance brain intelligence,win much trust and good comments,“fifteen years marketing witness,Bestmind is a good choice!thousand millions of public praise inheriance, only Bestmind is a good choice!”

  • Dedicated to faith professional and perfect

    Fudan Health Company is dedicated to professional medicine and precise nutrition area research and industrial transformation. Depending on scientific research capacity, keeping on researching on FSMP products and healthcare products precisely applying for clinical population, maternity and infant population, female population, healthcare population and so on various subgroup. We are always sticking to scientific and creative research, abiding for social responsibility, providing care for national customers even global customers for decades. From now on we will work much harder, build more, much comprehensive and richer series for benefit of all mankind. It can retrospect to the spirit of enterprise-“dedicated to faith, professional and perfect”.